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A server designed to make it easy to re-broadcast existing content as a podcast. Named after London Elektricity who, among other things, hosts the Hospital Podcast.

Elektricity is also ready to run on Heroku, and that's actually how I'm using it at the moment. For example, the web page here looks like this when running with Elektricity.

The purpose of Elektricity is to take content that exists on the web already, and turn it into a podcast to consume whenever you want. Specifically, I'm a huge Drum & Bass head that wanted an easy way to access the Bassdrive archives since the only actual podcast I could find was for Ben XO.

What this server does is essentially just provide you an easy way to design podcasts and serve them. The intention is not to host the content ourselves, but tell people where to get the content at.

Future ideas: Turn your mixcloud feed into a podcast?