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  Bradlee Speice e4a73870ff Change the format of the RSVP email 5 years ago
  Bradlee Speice cb7d9f9db3 Send back section and row with the list of users 5 years ago
  DjBushido 272f1df89c Only show the registered users over the past week 5 years ago
  Bradlee Speice e1b0311f97 Add a restricted settings.py 5 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 759bfa84e3 Add the requirements.txt file 5 years ago
  Bradlee Speice b81a048ace Add code to send the RSVP email 5 years ago
  Bradlee Speice c69bab3648 Some documentation updates 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice bac2244f44 Ignore static files in repository 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 4430021f55 Add some more documentation to the browsable API 6 years ago
  DjBushido ee2481ddc9 Return a dictionary for the lot's location 6 years ago
  DjBushido b5ae16ba93 Add the location view to the URLs 6 years ago
  DjBushido 8321385b8a Add view to get the location of a parking lot 6 years ago
  DjBushido 905787d0df Add lot locations on the server 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice f4f5700303 Find a registered user by first and last name 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice e2161a1ebe Add registration of users to the REST API 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice e1c789d8e3 Remove the settings.py file (for security) 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 664aec18ab Fix the single-lot view. 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 92b8bb6392 Add a single-lot view 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 4bd46f9e71 Add the fully-qualified sqlite path 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice c367344441 Move the API to the actual server root 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 4443572436 Add the API root 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 658db9981a Make sure we order the parking rating set correctly... 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice f094673ecc Display the rating choice options 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 4b338c220e Add code for the REST API to work with Parking lot ratings 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 7be5cd6f97 Add new serialization code 6 years ago
  DjBushido 269795202d Add some more skeleton to the Parking system 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 726ad4ca70 Finish the server-side models 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice f92f830110 Add the initial RegisteredUser class, remove standard Django apps 6 years ago
  Bradlee Speice 74fd422dfc Add initial code for the server Django project 6 years ago
  DjBushido 7a624ec706 Initial commit 6 years ago